About Us

Living Right Naturally

Our Mission

Educating and Empowering Individuals in the Field of Natural Health.

Our Vision

A Society Where People Make Healthier Choices, Enjoy Longer and More Vital Lives, and Realize the Power of Natural Supplementation

What Our Logo Symbolizes

The turtle is a symbol of long life & positive energy. The ladybug symbolizes good luck and renewal. Long life, positive energy, good luck & renewal is what we promote.
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About LRN

LiveRight Naturally has a health and wellness center located in the heart of Atlantic County in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey where state-of-the-art holistic products and therapies are offered. LiveRight Naturally stocks a broad selection of Nature’s Sunshine herbs, supplements, cleanses, shakes, flower essences, dōTerra certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils, and more.


In order to expand our efforts in educating and empowering individuals we have expanded our brand to other companies and products such as LiveRightVacations.com, our children’s book that is available to order and we have partnered with organizations such as TodayMattersYE.com.