Youth Empowerment

Empowering Youth to Lead Healthy Lives

It is our mission to educate and empowering individuals in the Field of Natural Health. We believe that the best time to start learning these lessons is when you are young. We want to empower youth to lead a naturally healthy life so that they can avoid making unhealthy choices and developing lifelong bad habits. This is important to not only set a good example for others, but to take opportunities to become educated about different ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. On top of making sure that youth are consuming a lot of protein from quality sources, an abundance of green veggies and plenty of healthy fats, youth can also benefit from some of the products LiveRight Naturally has to offer.

At LiveRight Naturally we offer an array of products that are safe and natural ways to promote an overall nutritional and healthy balance for young people and adults alike.

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Turtlebug & Friends

Turtlebug & Friends is our very first Children’s book. We had a vision to create a way for young children to learn about and understand the benefits of natural health.

Turtlebug & friends is a story about a cute little creature named Turtlebug. He spends his days gathering herbs and flowers in the forrest to use as ingredients in his natural remedies.

Throughout the story, Turtlebug encounters friends in need of help. He is able to use his natural remedies to help his friends get back to good health.

Turtlebug has a sweet, compassionate way of helping those in need, in turn, helping us all to understand the benefits of Natural Health.

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